About Us

The Pinnock’s Charities, with origins stretching back to 1624 are primarily responsible for the provision of Almshouse accommodation at St. Thomas’s Almshouses in Gravesend. Stretching around the corner of Old Road West and Wrotham Road in Gravesend, Kent, this important local housing provision, for eligible applicants, is overseen by a body of trustees, who give their time voluntarily, with the day-to-day administration being carried out by the management team. 

A longer history of the charity can be found here History and for further information about eligibility and applying for accommodation, please see the Application Form .

Council Housing Department:


Almshouse Association:


Registered Provider of Social Housing:

The charity is also a social housing provider, recognised by the Regulator of Social Housing under their ref. A3969


Charity Commission:

Details of the charity’s registration with the Charity Commission, trustees etc. may be found on the Charity Commission Website under registration no. 210365: